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Dentique The Dental Studio
Dentique - The dental Studio is a multispecialty dental clinic situated in the heart of Cochin city. Equipped with latest technology we provide all types of treatment modalities complying with international standards, to ensure you get the best dental care. Most importantly we ensure that your visit to us is a relaxing experience. Smile designing, Cosmetic dentistry , Orthodontics, Braces, Implants, Clear aligners, Invisalign, Clear path orthodontics, Ceramic braces, Invisible orthodontics, laser dentistry , Root canal treatments. Metal free crowns, Bridges, Whitening , Teeth whitening, Immediate implants, Teeth coloured fillings,Tourism dental, Child dentistry , Geriatric dentistry,Sports dentistry, Sleep appliance,Hollywood smile, Tooth jewelry,Lumineers, Vineers, Immediate teeth. Cosmetic surgery, Lingual orthodontic treatment , Gum surgery , Adult orthodontics, Expansion appliance , Growth modifications, Implantologist , Orthodontist, Cosmetic dentist, Dentist, Painless dental treatment, Wisdom teeth , Dental surgeon , maxillofacial surgeon, Dental clinic, Dental clinics in cochin , Best dental clinic , Dental clinics in cochin, Kochi dental clinic, Smile architect, Advanced smile technology, Tooth coloure braces, Self ligating braces, Perfect smile designers, Gum dipigmentation,
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